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Notice on Launching Online Learning of the Second Topic of the ‘Situation and Policy’ Course

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To all teachers and students of the Situation and Policy course,

According to the spirit of the relevant parts of the Notice on Adjusting the Teaching Arrangement of the ‘Situation and Policy’ Course in the First Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year issued by the School of Marxism and the changes at the beginning of this semester, the second topic of the ‘Situation and Policy’ course will now be arranged as follows:

1. Learning Content:

Important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection in Sichuan and the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of Sichuan Province

2. Learning Period:

Week 6~Week 8 (during this period, you can choose your own learning time according to your own situation. It is recommended to browse websites at off-peak times of day to avoid network congestion)

3. Learning Methods:

Visit the special teaching website for online independent learning. Your teacher is responsible for answering questions (see Attachment for the specific process).

Theoretical learning: Self-study ‘theoretical learning materials’ at the bottom of the website of independent learning

Micro-class learning: Watch video micro-class on the website of the independent learning project

4. Learning Acceptance:

After learning the project content, complete the semester’s homework according to the unified requirements of the Teaching and Research Department. Please pay attention to the teacher’s notice and courses on the WeChat official account (@ swjtu_xsyzc) for the assignment topics and specific requirements.

Here ends the notice.

School of Marxism

October 6, 2022

Attachment: Guidance on Online Self-Study Process

1. Log in to the online autonomous learning website:

Visit the online learning website ( )

Your Southwest Jiaotong University ID needs to be verified during the visit. After the verification is successful, it will automatically jump to the online learning page of the second topic;

2. This online learning course adopts a combination of theoretical learning + micro-class learning + teacher’s question answering.

Carry out theoretical study. By browsing the ‘Theoretical Learning Materials’ at the bottom of the learning website, first go over theoretical knowledge of the topic to lay the foundation for the follow-up micro-course learning;

Conduct micro-class learning. Carefully study the special micro-courses, grasp the important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection in Sichuan and the spirit of the 12th Sichuan Party Congress. If you encounter any difficulties while studying, please contact your teacher.

3. Complete the semester’s homework in combination with the learning content, and submit it to your teacher within the specified time frame.