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【Exam-exempted Postgraduates】Announcement of the Allocation Results of the 2023 School of Marxism’s Recommended Exam-exempted Graduates Quota

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According to the Notice on Announcing the Index Number of Postgraduates Exempted from Examination in 2023 Recommended Schools issued by the Office of Academic Affairs, the total index number assigned by the University to the 2023 Postgraduates Exempted from Examination in School of Marxism is 9 (including research exemption counselors). Following careful study and decision-making by the leading group regarding the school’s promotion and selection work, the distribution of the research exemption index of our school is now announced as follows:


Index Number Assigned

Ideological and Political Education

9 (including research exemption   counselors)

School of Marxism 2023 Selection Team for Postgraduate Recommendation

September 12, 2022