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Our School Organized a New Campus Visit and Exchange Activity for Retired Faculty Members

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In order to timely convey the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the university to retired faculties of our school and welcome the successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress, on the morning of October 14, our school carried out a new campus visit and exchange activity on ‘Learning the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the University and welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress’ for retired faculty members. Party Secretary Liao Jun, Executive Dean Tian Yongxiu, School Trade Union Chairman Wang Tao, and full-time organizer Yang Xuelian accompanied aged faculty members for this visit and exchange.

With attention and care of University, our School has moved to the No. 3 Teaching Building of Xipu Campus since May 2021, greatly improving the school environment and conditions. Most of retired faculty members of the School have not been to the new campus yet. After aged faculty members arrived at the No.3 Building of Xipu Campus, Liao Jun led a tour of the brand new office environment of the School on the 12th and 13th floors, and introduced the overall situation of the School from its history, current faculty members, education and teaching, scientific research, and so on. After seeing the spacious, bright, warm, and clean office environment of the School, 93-year-old faculty member Zhu Ling said, “I am overwhelmed with joy at the development and changes of the School. I remember when I was working, there were only two rooms in the School, each room was only ten square meters. Now conditions are better, which is also quite helpful for teachers’ teaching and research. Both faculty members and students of the School should cherish the good life now and strive hard.”

After that, Liao Jun invited aged faculty members to the newly built Home for Faculty Members and the Home for CPC Party Members of the School, and held a discussion and exchange. At the symposium, Liao Jun conveyed the spirit of the 15th Party Congress of the University to retired faculty members and reported the construction and development of the School. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, old faculty members exchanged warmly with each other. Professor Zhu Ling specifically mentioned that “the School of Marxism could not achieve its current achievements without the leadership of the Communist Party of China”, and emphasized that the Party’s leadership should be further strengthened in the future construction of the School. Aged faculty members expressed their gratitude to the School for carefully arranging this meaningful visit, which allowed them to witness the vigorous development of University and School. They wished the SWJTU and the School better and better!

During this visit and exchange, Executive Dean Tian Yongxiu and Associate Dean Li Xueyong, who were having a meeting at the School, also took time to meet elderly faculty members and expressed their welcome and concerns to them.

Forge ahead in a new era, and build a new journey of dreams. All the old and new faculty members of the School of Marxism will always remember the original intention and mission of educators, keeping up with the pace of the times, gathering consensus, invigorating the spirit, and constantly writing new chapters!

Written by Li Jiaojiao

Photo by Li Hao

Reviewed by Liao Jun and Yang Xuelian