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Glad Tidings: Our School Was Approved Four Projects of 2022 National Social Science Fund

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On September 30, 2022, the results of the 2022 National Social Science Fund Projects were officially announced. A total of 4 projects of our school have been funded, including 1 General Project, 2 Youth Projects, and 1 Western Project. This year, the National Social Science Fund Project application/ funding rate for faculty members in our school was 26.7%.

Up to now, our school has awarded 5 National Social Science Fund projects, 2 Humanities and Social Sciences Research projects of the Ministry of Education, as well as 2 major projects, 2 general projects, 1 youth project, and 1 popular science project of Sichuan Province. This not only reflects the strong academic research ability of our faculty members to tackle major theoretical and practical issues of the Party and the country, but also shows that young and middle-aged faculty members are the backbone of the scientific research development of our school.

Warmest congratulations to all project leaders! At the same time, we sincerely look forward to the continuous efforts of all faculty members in our school to set new goals, make new efforts, and achieve new success!

School of Marxism of Southwest Jiaotong University

October 1, 2022