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[Events]Notice on Organizing All Faculty Members of the School to Take Image Photos
Time:2022-11-02 16:41    Hits:
[Events]【Doctoral Students】Notice on this Semester’s Doctoral Student Interim Assessment
Time:2022-10-26 14:39    Hits:
[Events]Notice on Launching Online Learning of the Second Topic of the ‘Situation and Policy’ Course
Time:2022-10-06 15:31    Hits:
[Events]Notice on Holding the ‘Establishment Ceremony of the Teaching and Research Section of Introduction to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the Collective Preparation Meeting for the Ideological and Political Cours
Time:2022-09-27 16:27    Hits:
[Events]【Exam-exempted Postgraduates】Announcement of the Allocation Results of the 2023 School of Marxism’s Recommended Exam-exempted Graduates Quota
Time:2022-09-12 14:22    Hits:
[Events]Notice on Doctoral Student Defense in September 2022
Time:2022-08-30 10:18    Hits:
[Events]Notice on the Adjustment of Teaching Arrangement of Situation and Policy Course in the first semester of 2022-2023 Academic Year
Time:2022-08-29 14:15    Hits:
[Events]【Summer Camp】Introduction to the School of Marxism of Southwest Jiaotong University 2022 Outstanding College Student Academic Summer Camp
Time:2022-06-27 10:09    Hits:
[Events]【Doctoral Students】Specific Notice on This Semester’s Doctoral Student Thesis Proposal and Interim Assessment
Time:2022-06-14 14:07    Hits:
[Events]Notice on Convening the Seminar on Frontier Issues of the Discipline of the School of Marxism
Time:2022-05-30 15:03    Hits: